This short movie touched a very concerning topic of the smartphone era. This is how a typical smartphone user is, we see something and we want to document it for the Internet to watch. This has become our way of helping.

And while doing so, we often could not realize that we could actually help someone if we turned the recording off and step up to a person in need of an assistant.

Yes there are situations when we should document and help society from distance. Niko (the writer/director) and Anthony discussed those in this video you need to watch at least once.

“After filming a woman falling to her death, Ashton Kennedy is haunted by a demon that will constantly watch him for the rest of his life.”

I will not talk about the film itself. I am big fan of Corridor Crew and love all their short films. If you have not seen their channel Corridor Digital, watch it.

Directed and Written by Niko Pueringer
Anthony Padilla as Ashton Kennedy
Dean Testerman as Doctor Rutherford
Shot by Adrian Picardi

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