Your husbands see the “picture perfect” models on the screen and in the magazines, and then they turn to you only to see invisible things like how your stomach is 3 inches a little extra on both sides.

How your thighs are a little too disproportionate and how your nose isn’t in the “trend”.

They will tell you how women above 5’10 with lips that look plastic are so appealing.

They will look at the glimmering bodies wrapped in silk on the screen and ask you why you can’t fit in the Cinderella shoe.

They will want legs of Kriti and the baby face of Selena Gomez with a mix of Emma Watson.

And you will be sitting there with his kid on your lap, you ruined, scared and messed up your body while giving birth to.

You will be sitting there with hands that smell of dish soap and his boot polish and nails that are neatly trimmed unlike the models.

Your hair up in a bun that you tied early morning in a hurry in rush to prepare breakfast for him and his son so they don’t leave the house hungry.

Your heals will be a little cracked from running around the house all day doing chores that he can’t do himself in even a week.

Your pale skin will tell the stories of how you again forgot to take your multivitamins in the race to keep your family healthy and alive.

She had to choose between you and a model figure!

He will take his eyes off the screen and say “Deepika is my new crush”,

and you will want to ask him to provide you with the $10,000 and a team of 6 nutritionists, 5 makeup artists, 4 gym trainers and a bunch of cameras and lights for you to look “BETTER THAN HIS DEEPIKA”.

Your wife isn’t a model, because she had to choose between you and a model figure, and she chose to be a mother (with a post partum body), a wife (with neglected self) and a home maker (with little time foe herself).

Khoula Gohar

(There are some AMAZING husbands out there too, who will love you just the way you are more than anything, appreciate them. This post is particularly for women who go through Inferiority complex by being compared to models every day).

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