We are observing a dramatic change in our society where all standards of communities are compelled to follow the old traditional way of marriage. Where Nikkah was supposed to happen at home, only close relatives and friends were invited, dinner served, and then Rukhsati. The people being considered as old-fashioned because they did not invite 500 people on mehndi function and 1000 in nikkah. It seemed Nikkah was easy for all families no matter which standard they belong to.

But, now it becomes a burden for many families who still can not afford a sufficient amount for booking a marriage hall and 3 to 4 dishes for dinner. They somehow manage to get away from mehndi function but couldn’t get free themselves from this new trendy Baraat function.

Sad! But it’s a bitter truth of our society where many educated, talented and good-looking middle- class girls are deprived of the happiness of wedding because they cannot endure the marriage hall bills and dinner expenses along with a list of dowry.

If their families wanted to put that in a simple way their daughters-in-law, the closest relative, and Neighbor’s questions didn’t allow them to break that painful traditional marriage style.

This social taboo has to be broken officially and collectively because rampantly it creates chaos in our life. There are more than million girls age 20 to 35 years are waiting for their wedding across the country, relations has been broken before the date of marriage just because the Larki Wale cannot fulfill the dowry demands. Deep down, if the young girls are plight and facing rejection then what about over 5 million 35 year widows and divorce women’s? . Did they get the chance to get married again?

Being a daughter of a middle-class family I can understand the pain of fathers who are overwhelmed by society’s-pressure and arrange loans and other possible ways for fulfilling the requirements of their daughter’s wedding. Not even girls, the young educated middle-class boys are also being squeezed by this pressure…these Baija- rasomaat has to be removed from the society it will help to promote Halal relationship.

Thank God, this Coronavirus brings that revolution when not even normal families, the celebrities step forward and married off with simplicity…

Although, this corona pandemic is killing many people’s lives and putting all of us in a devastating position where many of us are loosing their jobs, getting into depression and anxiety. However, it would have definitely brought happiness for many girls and struggling boys who can now get married easily with full pride and zero society pressure.More over, by cutting down wedding expenses, young boys and girls could have a chance to save money for future, or they can enjoy the blessings of hajj and umrah at the very youthful age.

 I wish this Coronavirus leaves our lives soon, but we as a nation never leave this new revolution of Nikkah. As we all know in Islam Nikkah is considered one of the purest forms of all relationships.

That means it is a companionship between a man and women who are allowed to live together by the grace and blessings of Allah in a loving relationship and also it completes our half Deen. I believe, if we proactively continue this change in our society even after this pandemic over, everyone can have this pure relationship in their life.

Spread peace and stay positive.

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